Ten Lessons From the Road

Written and with photography by Alastair Humphreys. Design and additional photography by Jim Shannon.

‘Alastair Humphreys spent four years travelling around the world on his bicycle, a journey that covered 46,000 miles and five continents. During his trip he gave motivational talks and received thousands of emails to his website in which people asked what kept him going through the low-points on his journey. Collected here are the sources of Alastair’s inspiration, including affirming quotes, insights, and unique photographs. As this inspirational resource shows, the lessons he learned while on the road can be applied to any goal in life.’

Published by Eye Books, April 2009.

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A personal record of travels in the Islamic world. Umma includes images from Morocco, Syria, Jordan, Yemen, Iran, Turkey and Bangladesh.

‘Curiosity led me to Damascus, and the start of this small adventure, in 2006. Then as now in 2009, Islam dominated the media, political rhetoric and conversations at bus stops. I had little understanding of the faith and even less knowledge of the forces shaping its world. This is a personal record of the people I met and the lands I saw as that journey continued to North Africa, the Arabian Peninsula and beyond.’

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